Friday, 25 November 2016

Oracle Apex Admin Password Locked - How to Unlock/Reset Apex User Account

If you get the message that your Oracle Apex account is locked because the password has been entered incorrectly then you have a number of ways to unlock and reset the account password.

Oracle Apex admin account locked
Oracle Apex admin account locked
If you know the email address that was registered to the Apex workspace then you can click the link below the Sign In button.

How to Unlock/Reset Apex User Account
How to Unlock/Reset Apex User Account
Unfortunately this option doesn't always work and might not be relevant if you know the password for the account and just need to remove the "locked" flag against the account.

If you have access to the underlying tables as SYS or other suitable Oracle user then find the appropriate Apex schema (APEX_050000 for Apex 5) and look for table WWV_FLOW_FND_USER.

Oracle apex WWV_FLOW_FND_USER reset account
Oracle apex WWV_FLOW_FND_USER reset account

If you use a tool such as TOAD or SQL Developer then you can navigate to the columns ACCOUNT_LOCKED, FAILED_ACCESS_ATTEMPTS and update the values so that the account is no longer locked and can be used for normal login.

Set the value in these columns:


As long as you know the correct password for the workspace you will then be able to login as normal to the Apex admin screens.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Met Police Crime Prevention Advice - Scam Phishing Email

Beware of new email titled Crime Prevention Advice which contains a malware attachment that will infect your PC with a key logger

Received from the fake email address and containing the subject line ‘Crime Prevention Advice’, the email asks readers to open the attached file to learn more.

Intelligence suggests that if the attachment is opened, iSpy key logger malware is downloaded onto the host device. The malware has the potential to capture keystrokes, steal passwords stored in web browsers among other malicious activities.

Other phishing emails to watch out for include:
• those from a ‘delivery company’ about an expected order which is delayed or held at the depot
• a bogus order tricking you to confirm or cancel it
• a fake ‘invoice’ attached for a recent order
• warnings or advice from the Police such as our example

Crime Prevention Advice Scam Email
Crime Prevention Advice Scam Email

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Data Security & Patching - Advice for Dictators

With all the news about the Panama Papers I thought this article was an interesting take on data security and how not to do it, all from the viewpoint of a dictator trying to stash their millions. For the rest of us there are still some useful lessons about how to keep our data secure and away from hackers.

The bottom line is patch, patch and patch again. Make sure you always keep your software up to date with the latest patches and install updates when there are any security alerts. For most of us all might happen is that someone could have access to our data or hack your email/social media but potentially you could lose money from fraud on your bank account or lose important personal data like photos if your phone or PC is at risk from unpatched security flaws.
If your PC or phone prompts to install new security updates then it's always worth making sure you take the time to apply them. From an IT perspective it may be a pain when systems need to be taken down to apply updates but there is good reason for keeping software fully patched as this shows!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Say No to 0870 Website Infected by Trojan Virus

As of 10 March 2016 it appears that the Say No to 0870 website is infected with a Trojan virus according to McAfee. The website is a really useful tool for avoiding high call charges and getting local rate numbers to contact businesses so it's a prime target for hackers as it is so widely used.

If you've visited the website recently we'd strongly recommend running a full virus check or using software like MalwareBytes to check your computer.

Say No to 0870 website is infected with a Trojan virus
Say No to 0870 website is infected with a Trojan virus

Friday, 5 February 2016

Email from BP Fuel Card E-bill 0200442 for Account B216552 31/01/2016

Latest spam/scam email from Fuel Card Services <>

Unlike most virus emails this one has an attachment called warning.txt so not a Word macro virus. I wonder whether the virus writer made an error with their programming so the attachment wasn't correct.

The details of the email are below:

Please note that this message was sent from an unmonitored mailbox which is unable to accept replies. If you reply to this e-mail your request will not be actioned. If you require copy invoices, copy statements, card ordering or card stopping please e-mail quoting your account number which can be found in the e-mail below. If your query is sales related please e-mail
Sent: Thu, 04 Feb 2016 16:54:57 +0300
Subject: BP Fuel Card E-bill 0200442 for Account B216552 31/01/2016
Account: B216552
Please find your e-bill 0200442 for 31/01/2016 attached.
To manage you account online please click
If you would like to order more fuel cards please click
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Cards Admin.
Fuel Card Services Ltd
T 01282 410704
F 0844 870 9837

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Plan4print Letter Attached with Virus Trojan Email from Tim Speed

Latest virus being sent via Email pretends to come from Tim Speed at Again this is a faked email that has not come from Tim Speed. The Word document doc file attached contains a macro virus that will infect your computer so you shouldn't open it.

Tim Speed and Plan4print will have no knowledge of this email so you will only cause further problems by sending emails back to them. Other innocent companies affected in a similar way have received over a million email replies thus overloading their systems.

As always use a virus scanner and check your PC using software such as Malwarebytes from time to time.

Plan4print Letter Virus Email Tim Speed
Plan4print Letter Virus Email Tim Speed

Attachment 120205 Letter-response A3 2-2.doc

Please find estimate attached for Letter-response A3 2-2
Kind regards   
Tim Speed
Estimator / Account Handler

Tel: 0115 944 3377 Ext 104

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

O2 Business Contracts Lease Spam Virus Email - Your Device is on its way

If you receive an email supposedly from O2 Business Contracts titled "Your device is on its way" with a Word attachment CCACOnfirmedAgreement then don't open it as it's a Trojan virus that will try to install and steal passwords and banking details.

The email has NOT come from O2 so they have no knowledge of it and their systems have not been compromised. A virus scammer has just created an email spoofing the O2 email address  which isn't something that they can stop.

O2 Business Contracts Lease Spam Virus Email - Your Device is on its way
O2 Business Contracts Lease Spam Virus Email - Your Device is on its way

Email details as below:

O2 Lease <>
Your device is on its way


Great news, you've accepted the O2 Lease terms and conditions and the hire agreement.

We've put your order through. So we'll be sending your new device out in the next few days.
Best regards
O2 Customer Service