Sunday 5 June 2011

Windows Movie Maker Wont Create Video/Media Player Doesn't Display

Have you found that Windows Movie Maker Wont Create Video or Windows Media Player Doesn't Display video? I had this problem with my son's Dell Inspiron 531 with nVidia 6150 GeForce nforce 430 video card.

Movie Maker would allow you to edit the project and save it but not publish it. When publishing the message was that there was insufficient space, missing files etc. None of these were correct. I checked the recommended requirements and the PC met all the list.

When trying to play a video the helpful message given by Windows was "Windows Media Player cannot play the video because there is a problem with your video card" yet the video card had no errors showing and I had updated it to the latest nVidia drivers from their website. I tried several things including loading latest DirectX 11 software and loading the new version of Movie Maker Live to see if that would affect it.

None of these changes made any difference. In fact Movie Maker Live wouldn't even open as it said the PC didn't meet requirements. I tried doing a search and various suggestions came up including reloading the nVidia 6150 GeForce nforce 430 drivers which I had already done. One page mentioned the video memory being set on the card. The nVidia 6150 GeForce nforce 430 is built into the motherboard and shares the main system memory. Originally I had a separate graphics card but moved this into my new PC before passing the Dell to my son.

Having checked in the BIOS on bootup (F2) the video memory was only set to 16Mb. I increased this to 64Mb and restarted the PC. Amazingly this fixed the problem and Movie Maker was now able to publish files, Windows Media player could play video and Windows Movie Maker Live would actually start up.

So if you have a problem with Movie Maker Live or Windows Media Player with nVidia 6150 GeForce nforce 430 video card then check your video memory settings to see if that will cure it.

Thursday 2 June 2011

Password Security - PC Password Management software tool

I've recently investigated tools for Password Security and PC Password Management so that I can make my passwords more secure and save the huge numbers of passwords that I have for different websites and applications. The tool I have installed is Password Safe which allows you to store and create passwords to various security levels. By securely storing your passwords it allows you to use more complex passwords to reduce the risk of passwords being guessed. Password Safe allows you to specify the complexity and length to auto generate passwords which will ensure common mistakes such as using children's names or birthdays are avoided.