Monday 10 September 2012

Extracting Files from LOB column in Oracle Database - How to Export LOBs to Filesystem

I recently needed to extract data that had been stored as a CLOB (LOB) column in an Oracle database table. The data was a series of PDF and DOC files that had been saved as LOBs but I needed to save the files to a filesystem for use on a website rather than being within the Oracle database.

There were a number of scripts that I found that could save LOB data from Oracle database tables but they were very clunky and manual that may have been suitable for extracting and saving a file from a single CLOB field in Oracle but were totally inappropriate for saving multiple files from a LOB column on a table.

Eventually after many Google searches for various terms I found a piece of software called OraLOB Editor that quickly and easily allowed the export of the files stored as LOBs to the file system. It almost instantly processed every row of the relevant table and created separate files for each PDF stored in the CLOB field.

OraLOB Editor also allows the import of LOB data and appears to be the only tool that has this level of versatility for extracting files from LOB data in Oracle with any level of automation for saving multiple files to the filesystem.

OraLOB Editor has a free 30 day trial so that you can test whether it works sufficiently for your needs and only costs $75 for the full licence which is a bargain compared to the effort that would be required to script the process and then manually run it.

Microsoft Money Online Stock Prices Updates Stop Working

UPDATE: May 2014 - Stock Downloads now working again!

New downloads of Microsoft Stock quote prices - price updates stopped working some time ago but a developer has produced a programme to allow MS Money stock prices to update agai Details here

Microsoft Money Online Stock Prices Updates Stop Working

Since early August 2012 Microsoft Money Stock/Share/Fund Prices have stopped updating in the UK. Updates had stopped for the US some time ago. It reports 'your call was successful' but there are no new prices for funds in your portfolio.

As of September it appears that online share price updates for Microsoft Money have restarted for some versions but fund prices have not. Other versions of Microsoft Money such as Money 2000/2001/2002/2003 are now getting an error "Money was unable to connect to online prices server"

There is a later sunset version of Microsoft Money that is still working with the fund & share price updates that was released when Microsoft stopped supporting Money. This can still be downloaded from the direct link below on the MS website. The download search doesn't work and just creates a loop looking for the file.

I've tested this and it automatically upgrades the Money 2000 Professional and Business file to the latest version and then updates the online share & fund prices correctly for you.

You can download Microsoft Money 2005 QFE from this link. This is a UK version, the USA sunset version can be found on the Microsoft website.

Versions of Microsoft Money that appear to have this error downloading fund and share prices are:

Microsoft Money 1999
Microsoft Money 2000
Microsoft Money 2001
Microsoft Money 2002
Microsoft Money 2003
Microsoft Money 2004

Why is microsoft money not updating fund prices?

Saturday 1 September 2012

Oracle Application Server 10g Swap Space - Setup Installs Fails

When installing Oracle Application Server 10g on Windows 2003 R2 an error can be displayed that install pre-requisites have failed due to insufficient Swap Space. The installer aborts at this point and prevents you continuing the installation despite all the requirements being met according to the Oracle Application Server 10g documentation.

On Win2003 server the swap space is system managed and changing this requires the database to be rebooted which would affect the database users as well as impact on performance.

Checking swap space: 0 available, 500 required Failed.

The solution is to run the installer without the system pre-requisites so that the installer can continue. As the system has the correct requirements the install should proceed successfully. The command line to use is:

setup -ignoresysprereqs

This assumes that your installation server does meet the minimum requirements and that the error that causes the setup to fail is not down to a genuine lack of resources.