Wednesday 17 October 2018

OpenHabian Raspberry Pi 3 Installation Failure Error

I've been trying to install OpenHabian 1.4 on my Raspberry Pi 3 and repeatedly getting a failure error with the installation when it tries to update packages. My Raspberry Pi has been variously plugged into a wall socket charger, TV and router to power the micro USB supply which have all worked fine when the standard Raspian Operating system was used.

However it appears that OpenHabian is very susceptible to voltage fluctuations during the installation process and if there is any slight drop it can cause the process to fail giving an error in the package installer but not making any mention of the voltage being the cause. The only sign that there may be an issue was when I connected the Pi to my TV monitor to view the install and noticed the yellow power symbol flash on screen a few times.

After seeing this error I downloaded the image onto a fresh SD card and started the installation again but this time using my mobile battery charger with 2A output. The installation completed flawlessly and I now have a fully working OpenHabian install ready to use!