Tuesday 28 January 2014

How to Open Case for Hewlett Packard HP250 G1 Laptop to replace Hard drive

The Hewlett Packard HP250 G1 is not easy to open due to the case design so if you need to add more RAM or replace hard disc it may be tricky to do unless you know which parts to remove.

Video showing how to open the case to remove the Hard Drive from Hewlett Packard HP250 G1 Notebook laptop. Step by step guide to access the hard drive and memory bays of HP 250 laptop to replace the hard disc or to add additional RAM memory to the laptop

Sunday 19 January 2014

Whos On Heart First Correct Answer 2014

UPDATE - second Whos On Heart name guessed as Ben Miller

The first correct answer for Whos On Heart 2014 has now been guessed.

The first voice named is Stevie Nicks and the winner has earned themselves £10,000.

The next remaining voices will win the correct answers £20,000 and the person guessing the final voice will win an increasing amount currently £35000. If the Whos On Heart competition continues as long as it did in 2013 then it could reach £100,000.
Whos On Heart First Correct Answer 2014
Whos On Heart First Correct Answer

Monday 6 January 2014

Crystal Reports OpenDocument Syntax Errors - URL Fails to Work with ISS/LSS Parameters

Crystal Reports OpenDocument Syntax doesn't work and shows an error rather than the correct Crystal Report.

As an example I was trying to launch a Crystal Report using the OPenDocument syntax with Business Objects BI4.0

The URL was as below but was displaying a database login box and then not using the parameter supplied in the URL.

The display of the database login box was fixed by setting the parameters in CMC as detailed here.

The Workflow parameter not working when passed in to the URL was a more simple answer when eventually found!


The syntax for passing a parameter into an OpenDocument Crystal Report is to prefix the parameter with the text &lsS followed by the parameter name from the report such as pWorkflowID=34850

What isn't so obvious is that the letters are L, S, S (that is lower case L, lower case S and upper case S) but can appear as ISS (capital I, lower case S and upper case S)

As soon as I changed the syntax from ISS to LSS the report worked perfectly and displayed without requesting the parameter to be entered first. 

Running Crystal Reports Database Login Needed in BI4 for Viewing

When trying to view Crystal Reports in Business Objects BI4 a database Login box pops up when viewing a Crystal Report via SSO Single Sign on.

OpenDocument parameters can be used to pass in details to a Crystal Report so that it can be viewed directly from a URL but you may also get a login box for the underlying database.

This database connection cannot be set within the Crystal Report and it isn't advisable or helpful for users to have to enter database credentials every time they want to run a report.

The answer is that an option needs to be set via Business Objects CMC Central Management Console. Right click on the Crystal Report that you want to run. There will be an option top select Database Configuration.

Running Crystal Reports Database Login Needed in BI4 for Viewing
Running Crystal Reports Database Login Needed in BI4 for Viewing

Choose this option and a page will appear allowing you to set the database credentials. Change the drop down to "Use same db login as when report is run" and specify the custom details for the report

You should then be able to use the OpenDocument link to view the Crystal Report without a login box for the database appearing

VW Passat 2005-2010 (B6 model): How to Change DippedHeadlight H7 Bulb

Despite the Owners Manual advising that a VW dealer should change any blown bulbs on the VW Passat B6 it is actually quite easy to replace the H7 headlight Bulbs on the 2005-2010 model Volkswage Passat.

This video shows you how to change the bulbs on the 2007 VW Passat B6 car

Sunday 5 January 2014

Whos On Heart Competition 2014 - Name The 3 Voices to Win Big Money!

UPDATE - June 2014 - Two names now guessed correctly - Stevie Nicks and Ben Miller

Whos on Heart is back again for 2014. I'll be adding all the wrong answers to the list as before so you can check names.

Whos On Heart Competition 2014
Whos On Heart Competition 2014
Listen to the Whos On Heart Voices

The list of answers for last year, 2013, will also be online shortly.

The Whos on Heart competition has begun today (6th January 2014) and the difference to previous years is that the top prize is not a fixed amount but increases by £100 each time a wrong answer is guessed from £30,000 upwards.

The prize for the first and second guesses remain at £10,000 and £20,000 as last year.