Monday 19 March 2018

Question From eBay Member - Email Virus Malware

One of the latest virus/malware attacks is an email that purports to be a question from an eBay member. Crucially the email is not shown as being from eBay but is spoofed as being a different sender - the ones I've seen are from and meterreading@britishgas. The message says:

Hello Your ad is posted twice . Which is the right price ?Is this your product? 

The link below the question appears to be eBay but if you hover over (don't click!) then you'll see that the URL isn't the same as the link text. The link is to a compromised site so that when you click your PC will be infected with malware that can steal bank details or be controlled remotely.

This was quite an effective attack as I do currently have eBay listings running at the moment but fortunately the email came in on an account that isn't linked to eBay and all eBay emails come from them not the third party who has the question.