Monday 5 December 2011

Partypop UK - Scam Email? Is Partypop a ripoff?

Over the last few days I've had several voicemails left for my from stating that I've registered our details on their website and they need my approval to continue them. This is complete fiction and has all the hallmarks of a scam. We have never ever registered on Partypop and have no idea how they harvested our details so it appears that this email is a con as the email also states that the cost is from £192. The email they sent reads:

"This is the second time we have tried to reach you in order to verify your listing's information. 
Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep your business' listing without proper verification. 
Please call us at 0800 7310219 so you will not lose your listing. Just to remind you why you registered on PartyPOP in the first place: "

It appears that we are not the only people that are unhappy with Partypop. This is a site that has similar reports about the sales tactics from Partypop