Monday 18 August 2014

Spam Attacks with Random Text - EMails Passing Spam Filters

There seems to be a new spam attack worldwide ongoing with random text included in emails but oddly no links and no obvious purpose to the sender for them being sent out.

Examples of the text are as below.

Can anyone shed any light on what benefit these bring to the sender or what purpose they could achieve?


Group EIGHT, during the preinvasion attack on Iwo Jima on 17 February 1945.

Samurai Spirits Gaiden Gamest Mook World Series Vol. The Architectural Press Ltd, 1975, pp.

The gear ratio was 7. Wisbech Grammar School badge.

Several longer span variants were produced by various manufacturers. Pier 1 was located at the foot of Washington Street.

Configuration and management depend on the version of Windows. A popular event, Art Galleries and Design Showrooms open their doors to the public for music and refreshments. Avatar was the only way to regain his honor.
By 1879, Wallace Brothers was merged with R.

Nolwenn Leroy 2011 2. Diguva mangalagiri temple guntur dist AP.

He died 36 days later despite extensive medical care. A digital technique similar to CCD imaging.

Languages spoken at home include the following. Banpresto also produced Atom toys.

American Astronaut and one of the first men on the moon. James's Place Capital was renamed St. Exit 19, accessible from Routes 9 and 109.

It seems almost incredible that technical terms and concepts could lend themselves for that purpose.

Gostkowski field goal after Brady was again sacked in the red zone. Their houses are small, circular, and very temporary.

Luxembourg's third largest employer. Mice whose paternally inherited Grb10 gene is inactivated are more aggressive.

This involves placing an amount of the quantum dot solution onto a flat substrate, which is then rotated very quickly. England exited in the second group phase.

Jacob informs her that he is engaged to be married to a girl named Lily, and also states that she is pregnant with his child. Fernbank Forest was purchased from Col. The cathedral and Chetham's buildings are the only significant survivors of Leland's Manchester.

Lenny and the fire officer alert everyone to a fire in the basement of the buliding and Jordan orders an evacuation.

Because the camera crew was dressed in tactical gear, no one noticed that it was the camera operator in front of the camera. Longespee became 3rd Earl of Salisbury by right of his wife.

For the analog variant, specially designed electronic circuits connect to a network of living neurons through electrodes. Legends by reaching set game criteria.

The managers dropped Balanchine after one year because they found that audiences preferred Diaghilev's and Messine's ballets. Many places are believed to still contain enormous amounts of water ice that was associated with glaciers.

BSD tar and star at 0. They shine like twin lanterns in the dark. Otto Schenker, now working as the staff physician for U.
Spam Attacks with Random Text
Spam Attacks with Random Text

Saturday 2 August 2014

France Petrol Prices August 2014

Prices in France for diesel, unleaded and super unleaded petrol in August 2014.

The best price I've found is even lower than I'd seen before and near Poitiers the diesel was 1.199 Euros per litre which makes it under £1 per litre in sterling.

The prices at the Intermarche shown in the photo were close by and marginally higher at 1.21 for diesel, 1.431 for unleaded and 1.439 for super. Interesting that there is so little difference between 95 and 98 unleaded.