Thursday 24 May 2012

New Range Rover Spy Shots: Photos of 2012 Range Rover being tested

The new Range Rover is coming soon. These Spy Shots were taken in Warwickshire where the Land Rover factory is located.

spy shot photos of New Range Rover 2012
New Range Rover spy shots

Photos of New Range Rover 2012 spy shots
New Range Rover spied out testing
Although the mule is disguised you can see the familiar shape. Checks on the registration number show that it is registered to Land Rover and has a 5 litre engine.

VW Golf TDI 130 Mark4 Review - The love affair continues

The love affair with the VW Golf TDI 130 Mark 4 diesel continues. We've just had our third MOT since owning the car and again the Golf has sailed through without any issues at a current mileage of 176,000.

The car is in daily use for long journeys and on the most recent fill up with diesel recorded 54mpg. Even brand new cars struggle to reach that consumption and at a much higher annual cost. The car cost £3500 when bought 3 years ago and on worst case giving it a zero valuation that still works out at less than £100 per month. More realistically based on current valuations for a similar mark 4 Golf Tdi130 on Autotrader it would seem reasonable to assume a value of £2500. A total depreciation of £1000 over 3 years is incredibly low and shows the popularity that the VW Golf mark 4 still maintains.

VW Golf TDI 130 Mark 4 Photo
VW Golf TDI 130 Mark 4 Photo
The best points about the VW Golf TDI 130 are:
  • Fuel economy and VED rates
  • Performance and ease of acceleration
  • Driving position and seat comfort. The seats are extremely supportive and make long journeys a breeze
  • Steering and handling. The steering has great feel and has the perfect weighting
  • Instruments are positioned for good visibility and controls are all well placed
  • Holds value very well with exceptionally low depreciation
  • Handles high mileage amazingly well with little obvious sign of wear
And the negatives about the Golf Diesel TDI130?

The main one is that the front valance below the bumper is quite low and invariably catches on kerbs. On this Golf TDI 130 it has been torn off a couple of times and the same happened on the Golf TDI90 estate that I had previously.
Rear space isn't fantastic but is sufficient for children up to late teens

Monday 14 May 2012

Solar Panels - How Much Electricity Is Generated in UK?

There is now a website that shows the output month by month that can be generated by UK solar panels in South East England. The site has details of the solar PV system specification as well as photos of the solar panel installation.

Solar panels in the UK

Saturday 5 May 2012

SLR Hut Reviews - Sales of Cheap iPads, DSLR cameras, Camcorder

There are many reviews of online retailer SLRHut on Trusted Pilot  website. Look a bit closer and the majority, if not all, of the reviews appear to be faked. It is highly unusual for people to create a single review of one supplier and never comment again - almost every review of SLR hut is by someone who has not reviewed any other company which makes it look like SLR hut themselves have created the reviews.

The facts about SLR

1) Despite their website title SLRHut - consumer electronics in UK SLR hut are not based in the UK and operate from the USA.

2) The address they quote in London is just a mailbox next to a takeaway, it is not a store at all

3) All goods will be supplied from the USA as grey imports so you will not have a UK warranty

4) Their phone number may be a London number but it diverts to the USA as shown by the opening hours which are USA office hours not UK

5) Prices shown do not include UK taxes, VAT or duty. The checkout process adds to the price but you have no guarantee that you will not be hit with more duty when the goods are delivered.

6) SLR hut claim to have been trading in the USA for 10 years but there is no company of that name trading in the USA. The SLR hut.COM website is the same as the UK one so is not usable by USA customers as all prices are in pounds. SLR hut website was only created in 2011.

7) Fake reviews on the web to give impression of

Based on all the above facts would you trust a company that misleads in this way to resolve any problems if you did buy your iPad or DSLR camera from them?

SLR hut reviews - cheap ipads, cameras, camcorders
Think about all these points when looking at an online retailer to buy your iPad 3, DSLR camera or camcorder from. Companies like Amazon or Park Cameras may be higher priced but at least you have a guarantee