Monday 19 May 2014

Autotrader Advert scam - Terms of Service on Fake Website

Our car is advertised on Autotrader and I've been surprised at the number of scam messages we have received about it trying to capture our Autotrader account login details.

As well as the Direct Auto Dealer scam the message below is one we have now received 3 times from scammers trying to get us to login to a fake Autotrader logon page.

Lots of fun making up email addresses to enter in it with the words scam in them - the more they have to sift through fake details the less genuine ones they will be able to find.

The wording of the text message is:

Your ad is subject to changes brought to our Terms of Service. Revised ToS is available here:

REMEMBER the link is to a fake version of the Autotrader site - DO Not use your real details to login to it.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Direct auto dealer scam / Direct-auto-dealer-reviews

I'm selling my car at the moment and received a text message today from direct auto dealer. It has all the hallmarks of a scam.

I then did a search for direct auto dealer scam and it shows that they claim to offer you a price and you have to pay £75 via Paypoint. What legitimate business takes payments via that only?

They take you £75 appointment fee and you never hear from them again.

So direct auto dealer if you're not a scam, show me the money and buy my car for the value you messaged me!

Sunday 11 May 2014

How to MS Money Quotes Working Again? MS Money Price updates stopped, can it restart?

Some time ago Microsoft turned off the quotes feature in MS Money so that users of the software were unable to automatically load prices each day for stocks or funds that they own. This has been very frustrating as the MS Money software is otherwise a great tool and performs all that I need.

Fortunately a former Microsoft employee has released a new updater so that you can now get MS Money stock prices to your PC again. There is a trial version to test and you can purchase the full version for the very low sum of $9.99.

I've tried it and it works great so will be taking the plunge and buying. Good to see a software developer responding to market demand and bringing out a feature that has been so missed.

You can view info and download from here

If you need a copy of MS Money 2005 to work with this new price updater then you can download directly from Microsoft for free via this link