Monday, 19 May 2014

Autotrader Advert scam - Terms of Service on Fake Website

Our car is advertised on Autotrader and I've been surprised at the number of scam messages we have received about it trying to capture our Autotrader account login details.

As well as the Direct Auto Dealer scam the message below is one we have now received 3 times from scammers trying to get us to login to a fake Autotrader logon page.

Lots of fun making up email addresses to enter in it with the words scam in them - the more they have to sift through fake details the less genuine ones they will be able to find.

The wording of the text message is:

Your ad is subject to changes brought to our Terms of Service. Revised ToS is available here:

REMEMBER the link is to a fake version of the Autotrader site - DO Not use your real details to login to it.

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