Sunday 21 October 2012

Microsoft Money Automatic Investment Updates stopped working

How to fix Microsoft Money Automatic Stock Updates stopped working?

Since early August 2012 Microsoft Money Stock/Share/Fund Prices have stopped updating in the UK. Updates had stopped for the US some time ago. It reports 'your call was successful' but there are no new prices added to your investments.

As of September it appears that online investment/share price updates for Microsoft Money have restarted for some versions but fund prices have not. Other versions of Microsoft Money such as Money 2000/2001/2002/2003 are now getting an error "Money was unable to connect to online prices server"

There is a later sunset version of Microsoft Money that is still working with the fund & share price updates that was released when Microsoft stopped supporting Money. This can still be downloaded from the direct link below on the MS website. The download search link on Microsoft website doesn't work and just creates a loop looking for the file.

I've tested this and it automatically upgrades the Money 2000 Professional and Business file to the latest 2005 version of MS Money and then updates the online share & fund prices correctly for you.

You can download Microsoft Money 2005 QFE from this link. This is a UK version, the USA sunset version can be found on the Microsoft website.

Versions of Microsoft Money that appear to have this error downloading fund and share prices are:

Microsoft Money 1999
Microsoft Money 2000
Microsoft Money 2001
Microsoft Money 2002
Microsoft Money 2003
Microsoft Money 2004

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