Monday, 6 January 2014

Crystal Reports OpenDocument Syntax Errors - URL Fails to Work with ISS/LSS Parameters

Crystal Reports OpenDocument Syntax doesn't work and shows an error rather than the correct Crystal Report.

As an example I was trying to launch a Crystal Report using the OPenDocument syntax with Business Objects BI4.0

The URL was as below but was displaying a database login box and then not using the parameter supplied in the URL.

The display of the database login box was fixed by setting the parameters in CMC as detailed here.

The Workflow parameter not working when passed in to the URL was a more simple answer when eventually found!


The syntax for passing a parameter into an OpenDocument Crystal Report is to prefix the parameter with the text &lsS followed by the parameter name from the report such as pWorkflowID=34850

What isn't so obvious is that the letters are L, S, S (that is lower case L, lower case S and upper case S) but can appear as ISS (capital I, lower case S and upper case S)

As soon as I changed the syntax from ISS to LSS the report worked perfectly and displayed without requesting the parameter to be entered first. 

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