Saturday, 1 September 2012

Oracle Application Server 10g Swap Space - Setup Installs Fails

When installing Oracle Application Server 10g on Windows 2003 R2 an error can be displayed that install pre-requisites have failed due to insufficient Swap Space. The installer aborts at this point and prevents you continuing the installation despite all the requirements being met according to the Oracle Application Server 10g documentation.

On Win2003 server the swap space is system managed and changing this requires the database to be rebooted which would affect the database users as well as impact on performance.

Checking swap space: 0 available, 500 required Failed.

The solution is to run the installer without the system pre-requisites so that the installer can continue. As the system has the correct requirements the install should proceed successfully. The command line to use is:

setup -ignoresysprereqs

This assumes that your installation server does meet the minimum requirements and that the error that causes the setup to fail is not down to a genuine lack of resources.

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