Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Nokia E71 compared to iPhone Review

Coming Soon - review of Nokia E71 smartphone compared to iPhone and Orange SPV

More info on Review of Nokia E71 Mobile phone

The Nokia  E71 is a smartphone from Nokia that has many advanced features such as push email and applications from the Nokia Ovi store. This is a consumer review based on a Nokia E71 handset that I was using on the O2 network in the UK. Unfortunately compared to the Apple iPhone 3Gs it does not perform as well and is far less user friendly to setup and use.
I work in IT so am familiar with software development and use. Configuring the Nokia E71 to use for email and basic functions was extremely tricky and even trying to use the manual to identify settings was not intuitive by any means.
The iPhone in comparision is a doddle to setup as all menus are very clear with easy to understand headings. Some of the Nokia E71 menus are very confusing, especially the tab menus which are not easy to see initially. Much of the problem with the Nokia E71 menu system seems to be due to the Symbian S60 operating system which is also used on other Nokia phones such as the Nokia 6120 that have similar issues with their menus.
Having come from an iPhone the mouse/scroll pad was quite clumsy to use for screen navigation and many presses were needed to move around the screen.


  1. yet another iphone fanboy. the e71 and iphone are two different phones. aside from the obvious lack of functionally missing from the e71 such as touchscreen and the of course the clunky interface, the e71 is far more versatile

  2. Ha ha, I certainly wasn't expecting to be called an iPhone fanboy after all my iPhone posts!!

    The interface is the most important part of the phone and a poor, clunky interface that is hard to configure is a real killer IMO. Sure there are good features in the E71 but unfortunately in my experience the rest of the package lets it down. The iPhone definitely is far from perfect but the interface is far far more intuitive.