Sunday, 17 April 2011

Facebook Photo Tag Virus Scam

There currently appears to be a Facebook Photo Tag Virus Scam where you are tagged in a random friend's photo - except it isn't a photo of them or you./ The most recent ones I've seen are World Trade centre photos and Tsunami videos or Alton Towers theme park disaster story. If you click the link attached the chances are that you will be downloading a trojan virus onto your PC.

It won't wipe your hard drive, make you bald or destroy the world as some email hoaxes suggest but it will almost certainly have infected your PC, will spam your friends via Facebook and could gather internet banking or email passwords.

So if you are sent any Facebook messages be very careful of clicking any links in them. And make sure that your PC is fully up to date with both the latest Microsoft updates and also a current AntiVirus solution.

Alternatively use Linux and most of these problems go away!

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