Saturday, 8 December 2012

Baumatic B144SS Oven Not Heating Up - Fan Not Working

The Baumatic oven in our rental property seems to be a fairly unreliable piece of equipment. The fan has already failed once and I had a call from the tenants this week that the Baumatic B144SS electric oven was not working after the rear of the oven/fan started glowing hot and the Baumatic oven was no longer heating up.

It appears that the element has failed on the Baumatic oven and that the element needs to be replaced. There are 4 screws holding on the rear plate of the oven which covers the fan and element. On inspection the element had broken so was no longer a continuous loop. A replacement element was £25.

Baumatic B144SS Oven Not Heating Up - Element replacement
Baumatic Oven Not Heating Up - Element replacement

The element is straightforward to fit and is attached by 2 screws that are easily accessible.

Once the element is replaced then the rear plate can be fitted back with the 4 screws again.

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