Friday, 17 October 2014

Internet Explorer IE9 Unable to Display Page After Microsoft Updates Oct 2014 (Internet Explorer can not display the website)

After updating to install the latest critical updates and patches from Microsoft I found that my Internet Explorer browser gave the message:

  Internet Explorer can not display the website

There were a number of Critical patches affecting Internet Explorer released in October 2014 as part of their routine Patch Tuesday monthly update cycle so one of these fixes must have affected the way Internet Explorer works as other people have had the same error message.

Browsing the web with Google Chrome was fine yet all IE9 tabs were showing the same message and unable to display the website. The solution was to reset Internet Explorer settings. 

Click on the Cog icon or Tools - Internet Options then the Advanced tab and at the bottom click on the RESET button. 

You'll get a warning but make sure you don't click/tick the Delete Personal Settings box or you'll lose your favourites and bookmarks. Leaving it unticked means they will be retained.

Internet Explorer can not display the website
Internet Explorer can not display the website
Once you have reset you should fine that Internet Explorer can now display pages and websites correctly without the error message being shown.

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