Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Email from Transport for London Virus / Malware

 There are many emails being sent today with this subject Email from Transport for London supposedly sent from email address
These emails contain a Word document AP0210780545.doc that requires macros to be enabled to open it. DO NOT OPEN! This file contains a virus and will infect your PC, as of now (6 May 2015) it is not detected by the majority of Antivirus vendors.
 This virus appears to be ransomware and renames and encrypts files on your PC or network drives to demand money for the encryption key.
 It may well be a file called wiley5.exe that is the payload but this isn't yet confirmed.

Dear Customer,


Please open the attached file to view correspondence from Transport for London.


If the attachment is in DOC format you may need Microsoft Word to read or download this attachment.



Thank you for contacting Transport for London.




Business Operations

Customer Service Representative

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