Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Ocado Email Spam Virus Receipt "Your Receipt for Today's Ocado Delivery" - Fake Phishing Attack Email

A large volume of phishing emails have been sent out purporting to be from Ocado with a receipt attached.  The attachment almost certainly contains the Dridex trojan/virus stealing bank details so just delete the email and attachment.

This email is NOT from Ocado; the sender has "spoofed" the sender address to make it appear like that but they have nothing to do with it and cannot stop any spammers/criminals sending emails in their name.

If you try to open the attachment RECEIPT.doc it will request Macro access when it then downloads trojan files to your PC to steal your bank login details. So far it has been reported that £20 million has been stolen from UK bank customers by this virus/trojan. This is pure and simple a criminal attack to steal money.

If you have opened the attachment you should use a virus scanner to check your PC and make sure it is clean of any viruses.

"Your Receipt for Today's Ocado Delivery" Ocado spam email receipt
"Your Receipt for Today's Ocado Delivery"

"Your Receipt for Today's Ocado Delivery"


Your receipt for today’s delivery is attached to this email. I’ll be delivering your 12:00-14:00 order and, so you’ll know it’s me, I’ll be driving the Lemon van.

Your order doesn’t have any substitutions, everything’s there.

See you later,


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