Thursday, 21 January 2016

Plan4print Letter Attached with Virus Trojan Email from Tim Speed

Latest virus being sent via Email pretends to come from Tim Speed at Again this is a faked email that has not come from Tim Speed. The Word document doc file attached contains a macro virus that will infect your computer so you shouldn't open it.

Tim Speed and Plan4print will have no knowledge of this email so you will only cause further problems by sending emails back to them. Other innocent companies affected in a similar way have received over a million email replies thus overloading their systems.

As always use a virus scanner and check your PC using software such as Malwarebytes from time to time.

Plan4print Letter Virus Email Tim Speed
Plan4print Letter Virus Email Tim Speed

Attachment 120205 Letter-response A3 2-2.doc

Please find estimate attached for Letter-response A3 2-2
Kind regards   
Tim Speed
Estimator / Account Handler

Tel: 0115 944 3377 Ext 104

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