Monday, 16 February 2009

Netbooks - The future of laptops?

I recently bought an Acer Aspire One known as a netbook. This ulta-portable laptop is much smaller and lighter than a traditional laptop but still sports a 120Gb hard disc, 1Gb RAM and fast processor along with built-in wireless networking.

It is so portable it can be carried virtually anywhere and with the expandability offered by the 3 USB ports and external video output it is an extremely versatile device. For many uses it could replace a traditional laptop as it is brings all the virtues that a laptop was meant to offer but in a more portable design. Standard laptops have now become very bloated and it is easy to see why netbooks are becoming so popular.

My netbook allows me to check my email on the move, backup images to the hard drive from memory cards and even carry out basic web editing and photo loading without needing to use the main desktop or laptop. As it is so light it can be carried in another bag without even noticing the weight.

My verdict - the netbook is an extremely versatile device that I now found invaluable and I think it shows the future of mobile computing.

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