Sunday, 22 February 2009

Open Source Software Comes of Age

I've been using Open Source software for many years but have not felt it was always suitable for business use - until now.

There are now many Open Source software products that can easily replace the equivalent Microsoft or proprietary offering and save substantial amounts of money which is no bad thing in the current climate.

Open Source software can include Linux and associated applications but there are also many Open Source programmes for Windows such as Open Office which is a fully-featured Office suite to replace MS Office.

One of my favourite applications is Joomla which is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) suitable for use on your website or intranet. Compared to a product such as MS Sharepoint this could save massive amounts of money. I am aware of a company spending many thousands just on Sharepoint user licences before looking at the server licencing and implementation costs. With Joomla the only costs are the implementation consultancy - potentially cutting the costs of a project dramatically.

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