Sunday, 27 January 2013

Whos on Heart 2013 Search List of Guesses & Wrong Answers

If you are following the Whos On Heart competition where you can win £125,000 and want to check the wrong answers and names that have already been guessed then at some point Heart will provide a list of incorrect guesess. In the meantime I thought it would be a useful project to design up a little app to search the names.

But in order to get the list running I need the names guessed each day to be posted so I can add them. I have some info already as well as the answers guessed for 2012 but if anyone can post the names guessed each day that would be really helpful.
The first TWO names have now been guessed - David Duchovny and Jamie Bell. I'm certain that the third name is Dido so if it wins you £125,000 please share some!

Click here to Search List of 2013 Whos On Heart Guesses

Search List of 2013 Whos On Heart Guesses
Search List of 2013 Whos On Heart Guesses

I might even post the name that I'm convinced one of the celebrity voices is - the person saying Whos!

Whos on Heart 2013 Searchable Guesses & Wrong Answers
Whos on Heart 2013 Searchable Guesses & Wrong Answers

The first person to name one of the celebrities wins £10,000, second gets £20k and the one naming all 3 gets £125,000.

The prizes sound very generous but the calls to the Phone line to guess the names cost 50p each. At a rough guess there could be 2000 people calling per hour and 8 chances per day, thats £8000 per day they are making from the calls.

Whos On Heart has been running a month, 6 days per week so potentially 24 x £8000 already made in calls - thats £192,000 in the first month so you can see why they would want to run it for as long as they can.

Obviously these numbers are complete guesswork but as a national competion with a large prize you would expect a lot of entries. Even if they are remotely correct it means that there is absolutely zero cost to Heart from running the Whos On Heart competition.


  1. Thanks for all the wrong answers that you've added. Does anyone know who else was guessed today?

  2. The second name guessed was Jamie Bell from stage show Billy Elliot