Saturday, 26 January 2013

Whos On Heart Wrong Answers - Incorrect Guesses for 2013 - Voices for 2014

Whos On Heart  Competition 2014 - Name these Voices

The Whos On Heart competition is running again for 2013. You can hear the 3 voices saying "Whos" "On" "Heart" here.

The prize for guessing all 3 secret celebrities is £125,000 so it is a massive jackpot to win!

Click here to Search List of 2013 Whos On Heart Guesses

Eventually Heart will start to show the wrong answers on their website but in the meantime post the wrong answers as replies here and we can build up a list of who has already been guessed for the Who's On Heart Competition.

The first TWO names have now been guessed - David Duchovny and Jamie Bell. I'm certain that the third name is Dido so if it wins you £125,000 please share some!

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