Monday, 16 November 2015

DoT Payment Receipt XLS Email Spam

The latest email spam/virus has a subjedct line of "DoT Payment Receipt" with an attachment of PaymentReceipt.XLS. As with all of these types of email it isn't sent by the Dept of Transport, the email sender address has been faked to appear that it's sent by DoT to give authenticity to the email.

The attachment contains a virus/malware that will try to install a banking stealer trojan on your PC. DO NOT open the attachment and if you have we'd strongly recommend a complete virus scan repeated over a few days to ensure any new variants are detected.
Often these viruses are not detected on the first day that they are discovered.

  DoT Payment Receipt

 [Automated message. Do not reply] Thank you for your payment. It is important that you print this receipt and record the receipt number as proof of your payment.

You may be asked to provide your receipt details should you have an enquiry regarding this payment. DISCLAIMER This email and any attachments are confidential and may contain legally privileged and/or copyright material. You should not read, copy, use or disclose any of the information contained in this email without authorisation. If you have received it in error please contact us at once by return email and then delete both emails. There is no warranty that this email is error or virus free.

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