Friday, 6 November 2015

Virus Phishing Trojan Email - Subject Invoice From Timber Solutions Attachment Esale.XLS

One of the latest phishing/virus/trojan email is from Kes with subject "Invoice #00004232; From Timber Solutions" and with attachment Esale.xls 

This file is a virus and should not be opened. If you have opened then I'd strongly recommend running anti virus software on your PC over a few days to make sure any new virus is detected as it can take a couple of days for new ones to be added to virus signature files

These word/excel attachments normally try to download either...

    Dridex banking trojan,
    Shifu banking trojan

Invoice #00004232; From Timber Solutions

Hi, please find attached our invoice for goods ordered under Order No. 11146, which will be delivered tomorrow.  Please pay into the account, details of which are at the foot of the invoice.  Kes

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