Wednesday, 13 July 2011

MultiZoneAV Electronics Review - How to avoid the scam to con you out of money

We have recently become aware of a scam using the name of legitimate UK company MultiZone AV. The real company website is and the Scam site is and

MultiZone AV the legitimate UK based company have nothing to do with the scam multizoneav site using their name.The giveaway on the multizoneav scam site is that the prices are just too good to be true. It is just not possible to buy brand new Canon 5D Mark 2 cameras for £865, or with the 5% Multi Zone AV discount for £821. Canon cannot even make them for this price let alone sell them on.

The scam multizoneav also does not accept credit card payments and gives a variety of unusual payment methods; all of these are ways to take your money without trace and with no comeback to you. They claim that they can offer reduced prices without taxes, check how much you can buy a tax free item from Hong Kong and it is around the 15% below the UK price without VAT.

multizoneav scam can charge such low prices because they will never have to supply you the goods - all they want is your money and you will not get anything in return.

Please do not fall for this scam - contact the real Multi Zone AV for confirmation of the scam that is being run using their name. They have also put out a press release to alert consumers to the scam using the multizoneav name. You can see the press release here

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