Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Review of Cheap LCD/LED Plasma TVs From

Many people are asking about and a review of their website offering very cheap LCD/LED Plasma TVs. Firstly and are nothing to do with which is a legal, legitimate UK company that sells electronic equipment. Their name has been used by overseas scammers to trick you into parting with your cash.

To lend credibility to their website they have added some items such as cheap LCD/LED Plasma TVs listed as "out of stock". The reality is that all items are out of stock, they do not have any items to sell and all they want to do is get your money.

If you send payment to them using Paypoint or UKash vouchers then you will lose your money and not see your goods and as it is cash you have sent you will have no way to claim money back. Using a credit card at least gives you some protection which is why do not offer that option.

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