Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Payments to MultizoneAV.eu/MultizoneAV.net/MultizoneAV.info via UKcash

UKash have posted an alert on their website warning about the scam being carried out by MultizoneAV.eu, MultizoneAV.net and MultizoneAV.info. They are unrelated to the genuine UK company MultizoneAV.com and are trying to confuse shoppers by association with their good name.

UKash vouchers are not a valid form of payment to MultizoneAV.eu/MultizoneAV.net/MultizoneAV.info and they advise not to send any money to this company as you will lose it.


Stay safe and avoid being scammed by MultizoneAV.eu/MultizoneAV.net/MultizoneAV.info

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