Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bosch AXT22D Shredder Review

This is a review of the Bosch AXT22D Shredder that we purchased recently. The UK retail price for a new Bosch AXT22D Shredder is around £250 but we managed to bag an Ebay bargain at under £160.

Once unpacked from the box the shredder is easy to assemble just requiring the feeder head to be attached to the base of the shredder motor unit. This is easily done with a sturdy knob. If this is not attached or tightened correctly the Bosch AXT 22D Shredder will not start and emits a beeping sound.

The shredder is impressively quiet in operation and far less noisy than previous shredders I have used. The Bosch AXT22D Shredder can take some large branches with ease and effortlessly turns them into small pieces. It is less good at garden material containing large amounts of greenery or leaves which can tend to clog the shredding mechanism. The collection container is a handy feature meaning that the shredder can be used inside a shed without making a huge mess but also can quickly fill up with the speed that the shredder can process branches. The collection basket has 2 lugs to the rear that would appear to be its weak point. As they are plastic I can imagine that they will not survive long term.

The shredder has wheels so that it can be moved around. These help as it is a much heavier machine than other shredders such as the Bosch AXT 2200 that have rotating blades rather than the rolling drum. However the weight is mainly in the upper part of the shredder which makes it very unstable to move around and it can easily rock from side to side when being moved about.

Some reviews of the Bosch AXT22D Shredder have mentioned that the short cable is a problem but for most uses it will be used at some distance from a power outlet so an extension cable would be required anyway.

Summary of Bosch AXT22D Shredder

Able to handle large branches with ease
Fast processing of large volumes
Weight makes it stable in use


Clogs with too much leafy material
Unstable when being moved on its wheels
Long term life of collection basket

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