Saturday, 14 July 2012

Are Laskys & Comet The Same Company or Linked?

Is there a connection between Comet and Laskys?

We recently bought a tumble dryer from Laskys via Ebay, excellent price and no charge for delivery. The total price for the White Knight tumble dryer was £133 at the Laskys Ebay store including delivery.

When the van arrived to deliver the tumble dryer we were very surprised to see it was from Comet. On further investigation it appears that Comet and Laskys are part of the same group but Laskys offer the better online deals.

So if you are worried about buying from Laskys on Ebay bear in mind that they are part of the same group as Comet and the goods may well be delivered by Comet from the same warehouse as if you had bought directly from Comet anyway.

Laskys price on Ebay  £133
Comet price online      £149

Saving £16 by using a different company in the same group - good result!

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