Thursday, 12 July 2012

VW Passat Diesel Piezo Injector Replacement Recall

VW are sending letters to all owners of VW Passats with Diesel PD140 engines for the injectors to be checked and replaced. Apparently the failure rate of these has been exessively high and when they fail the car engine stops immediately so it is a fairly important safety issue.

VW Passat Diesel Piezo Injector Replacement Recall
VW Passat Diesel Piezo Injector Replacement Recall: Photo credit : 1810martin
My VW Passat 2007 Sport went to the main dealer yesterday and all 4 piezo injectors were replaced as part of this replacement programme. Not bad at all when some owners have previously been charged over £1000 for a single injector to be replaced! Even better when the car has over 125,000 miles on the clock and these should last the same mileage again

I have been very impressed with the way Volkswagen handle warranty and safety related issues on their cars. Some time ago when I owned a VW Golf Mark 2 it was recalled for replacement of the heater matrix. Quite incredible when the car was 13 years old at the time and the original matrix had clearly worked ok for all that time.

More info about the VW Passat injectors can be found here

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