Wednesday, 11 July 2012

No Signal on O2 Network - Mobile System Down Again? Affecting Tesco Mobile & Giffgaff

O2 Network Down with No Signal  (so also affecting Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff)

Luckily my mobiles are with Vodafone and Three but a couple of colleagues trying to arrange a shoot today are with O2 and neither have had any mobile network signal since lunchtime. It isn't geographical as they are in totally different parts of the UK, one in Kent and one in Manchester so I am currently relaying messages between them.

UPDATE - 11pm on Weds 11th July 2012 - O2 have issued a statement that the problems are due to a failure in their core network. Friend's mobiles are still showing no signal nearly 12 hours after it started.

UPDATE - As of 10pm Weds 11th July the problem still appears to be continuing. Many friends in Kent are still reporting that they have no O2 mobile signal.

After the previous problems with O2 it does appear that they have serious reliability issues with their network or very poor single points of failure.
O2 Network Down (Again) with No Signal
O2 Network Down (Again) with No Signal
This problem also is affecting Tesco Mobile and Giffgaff networks which piggyback on the O2 transmitters so are impacted by failure of any parts of the O2 mobile phone network. Amazingly considering the extent of the outage and disruption across the UK the Tesco Mobile website has no information at all about the problems and the O2 website has crashed under the volume of hits.

If you need to check the location of O2 transmitters in your area to see where the nearest is located then click here for more info

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